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"Knowing that we can be loved exactly as we are gives us the best

opportunity for growing into the healthiest of people."

~ Fred Rogers

What is a Doula??

 A doula is an educated and trained (non-medical) support

person on your "birth team" who provides continuous

physical, emotional and informational support

during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience.


 Think of a doula as your childbirth "guidance counselor," 

who will walk with you down the many winding pathways

of this transition, lovingly guiding you to your birthing

hopes and dreams.

Stepping into parenthood whether it's your 1st time or you've done it multiple times before is always a transition and I'm happy to help ease you into that role with grace and confidence.

Please reach out if you are interested in scheduling a free consultation to talk more about the experience you are hoping to have and how I can help support you to those goals.

Get to know me!

The fine details...

Feel free to browse some of the finer details of working together and things you might want to know, by clicking below.

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