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Gift Cards

What better gift to receive than support!

Would you love to get the gift of a supportive birthing experience? Who wouldn't! 

Your birth will be with you forever, while outfits and diapers are fleeting. 

Call me for a free consultation if you are expecting some heart-felt gift cards coming your way!

Gift Cards are available in any amount. 

You can put on your registry:

"Blue Moon Doula Care gift card" - any amount

with these details:

Email: with the subject line "Gift Card request"

Please let her know the amount in which you'd like to gift and she will give you payment options.

I will request payment via check or Venmo. After payment is received they will receive a printable version of their gift card. 

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Gift Card Terms & Conditions


Gift-Certificates are non-refundable and must be used for this upcoming pregnancy unless approved otherwise.

I require at least one prior meeting before attending your birth so I can know how to best support you.

Please get in touch as soon as possible to book your due date with me. I do not book more than a few births around the same time. 

Are you anticipating getting a gift card to Blue Moon Doula Care but your baby shower is a ways off?

No problem, we can book your due date in advance if needed.

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