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About Me

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As a Certified Birth & Postpartum Doula through

Warm Welcome Birth, midwife, Michelle L'Esperance, CPM, 

I am educated in the areas of pregnancy, labor & birth, newborn behaviors, infant care and postpartum needs. I continually seek out evidence based birth work training to keep up-to-date on topics.

I am currently finishing my hypno-doula certification through HypnoBabies.

I feel very strongly that every birther have their emotional and physical needs met and are nourished during this very tender time, regardless of identity, age or appearance. Here, I encourage you to celebrate yourself as we come together to allow a safe and loving space for you to birth and grow in a supportive environment.


Before starting my journey into motherhood I worked as a CNA in nursing homes for veterans. I was sure nursing was my path until my first kiddo introduced me to the incredible world of parenting! It was 13 years in the making and I am thrilled to be balancing my life with children, homeschooling and birth work

- it's a great joy to be fulfilled in so many ways!


I truly believe that "It takes a village" to thrive in this life

and I hope to become a supportive member of yours.

~Alli Rotenberg

Blue Moon Doula Care ~ Owner

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