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Working Together
~building your birth team~

The top 3 things you can do for yourself to have a better birthing experience are:

#1 believe in yourself & trust your body

#2 build your birth team with people who believe in (#1) and will support you in what you want

#3 Embrace your transformation physically and mentally

I know from my own mothering experience, and years in birthwork, what an incredible transformation pregnancy and birth are, and it's such an honor to be the part of your birth team that helps nurture your inner voice and helps guide you on your path to a better birthing experience!

As we work together, I keep self-care and open communication at the core of what we do and will help facilitate a space that is comfortable for all of us,

as well as relaxing and flexible with your schedule.

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Doulas are non-medical caregivers. 

I have sound and caring advice, evidence-based knowledge,

and lots of tips and tricks to

ease your journey and birth.  

However... I advise all my clients to always seek the advise from their providers regarding any medical questions or changes to their health care as well as taking a child-birth education class.

A good birth team will all work together to help you get the type of medical care you want, be that traditional, holistic or a mix of both!


I can help you find the resources for the topics you'd like to educate yourself on more.



I commit to my clients and being on-call for their labor and birth, and in doing so I only schedule my clients with at least two weeks in between their due dates. 

I recommend booking your due date early on in your pregnancy to assure


I give priority of my time to clients who are in labor. I will never cut my time short at a birth or arrive late due to a prenatal appointment, those can be rescheduled -- birth cannot!

On the very rare occasion that I might be suddenly unavailable, you will have the full support of a back-up doula at no additional cost.


Doula care is FOR EVERYONE.

I feel very strongly that any

birthing person deserves the same level of thoughtfulness, compassion, education and advocacy.

From any undeserved community member, young or teen, single or separated, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, my best friend to your friends, they will all be treated equally and with the same high level of care.

People birth, doula care is for them all.

If you are struggling with payment,

I have limited sliding scale opportunities we can talk about.

I am fully vaccinated and keep up-to-date boosted with the Pfizer COVID vaccines.
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