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Information about working together

My doula care and services come from the heart and I am honored

to share in these treasured life moments with you and your family.

As we work in unity as a team together, I keep self-care and open communication at the core of what we do and I will help facilitate a space that is comfortable for all of us, relaxing and flexible with your schedule.

I am fully vaccinated and boosted with the Pfizer vaccine
(** updated spring 2022)
* My family (husband and children) are fully vaccinated and boosted as are allowed per age groups.



Doulas are non-medical caregivers. 

I have sound and loving advice, evidence-based knowledge,

and lots of tips and tricks to

ease your journey and birth.  

However... I advise all my clients to always seek the advise from their providers regarding any medical questions or changes to their health care. 

A good birth team will all work together to help you get the type of medical care you want, be that traditional, holistic or a mix of both!

We will navigate through your options so you have a strong voice when it comes to your choices, your body, and your baby.


I commit to my clients and being on-call for their labor and birth, and in doing so I only schedule my clients with at least two weeks in between their due dates. 

I recommend booking your due date early on in your pregnancy to assure I have available spots.

I give priority of my time to clients who are in labor. I will never cut my time short at a birth or arrive late due to a prenatal appointment, those can be rescheduled -- birth cannot!

On the very rare occasion that I might be suddenly unavailable (family emergency or severe illness...) you will have the full support of my back-up doulas at no additional cost.


I find that in our culture we lack the embracing ways of more ancient cultures.  A lot of comfort

techniques are hands on,

but there is so much we can do

 that is hands-off!

I love teaching partners how to help comfort or even just the birther for themselves! 

During our first meeting we will discuss comfort levels around different methods and wording.

Freedom to say what you want for your body and care is worked into meetings so that we form the kind of treatment preferences you feel good about -- especially when the care is very up close & personal at times!


Your confidentiality is a priority for me, and I recognize that this is a time of tender growth and vulnerability. Your identification is always kept anonymous, unless detailed consent is given otherwise.

In a world where we share beauty through social media so often, rest assured that you will be asked for permission for sharing of any story or photo. Private and precious are these time, whether you choose to shout it from the mountain tops or just quietly hold them close is up to you always.

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