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Private Classes


***classes are not being offered at this time***

Feel Confident & Prepared!

Private classes offer the chance for you to understand and practice skills you feel unsure about. These classes are not to advise you on birthing or parenting the "right way" but rather knowing your options, trying different things out, finding out what feels right for you. Everyone is different, and so will be your experience in childbirth and with you child. 

It's all about having an abundant tool-box of tricks, tips and ideas to choose from! You may change techniques often through birthing and I guarantee you will flow through MANY parenting ways over the years! 

Trust yourself. Ask questions. Seek guidance. Keep building your tool box.

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Childbirth Overview

4 hours / Spread over 2 days


Private class fit conveniently into 4 hours, spread out over 2 days.

We will be covering pre-labor, early & active labor, transition, pushing, birth, placenta and the first hour. Within each area, we will cover understanding of what sets it apart, and what is happening during that stage. Often when we can understand what is happening in our body we can let go of stress and fear. Breaking the fear-tension-pain cycle is the best coping method you can practice!

We will be moving and practicing, so bring your yoga ball, blanket, pillow to sit on and a notebook & writing device.

Feel free to write questions down ahead of time and bring them with you. Like all my classes, these are "open-circle" and meant to be more intimate and conversational.

Newborn Care basics

3 hours


Private class fit conveniently into 3 hours.

We will cover newborn behaviors and patterns, soothing techniques, swaddling, diapering, bathing, sleeping arrangements, breastfeeding & bottle feeding. 

This is an "open-circle" class where you are encouraged to ask questions, prompt conversations and let the class be driven by your curiosities. 

You may bring a notepad & writing device, and comfortable blanket to sit on and practice.


Do you have any baby items you have questions about? Feel free to talk with me about bringing them in for specific guidance.

Sibling classes

1.5 hour


($5 for each additional child)

The news and notion of welcoming a new baby into the family is a very big change for all children. Feeling are completely unique per child and range from elated to upset and flowing in between both. Often confusion about what lies ahead is what swirls their emotions the most.

This private class is created per child and their needs. Maybe they need to understand more about how to cope with a newborn, or maybe they want to become the expert Mommy's helper! We will talk ahead of time to think about what direction would be most helpful to your child.

Depending on their age, I will advise on what they can bring to their "class". These are often done either in-home or outside in a convenient area.

Readying your Pup

90 minutes


Your dog may be wondering what on earth is going on with you!

I have a huge passion for animals and feel they are valued members of our families.

I've spent time working at our local animal shelter witnessing the ins & outs of animal behavior as well as volunteering at multiple animal shelters throughout my life. 

After extensive research and working with our local dog trainer, I can provide you with all the tips & tricks to get your pup to adjust as smoothly as possible to their newest member!

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